Sonatype Nexus Named Best Open Source DevOps Tool

Sonatype Nexus Named Best Open Source DevOps Tool

Fulton, MD – March 22, 2018 –  Sonatype, the leader in open source governance and DevSecOps automation is proud to announce that Nexus Repository has been named Best Open Source DevOps Tool by Computing at the DevOps Excellence Awards 2018.

The distinction was announced on March 21 in London at the DevOps Excellence Awards gala where Computing recognized outstanding achievements from organizations, personalities and solutions operating within the DevOps space.

“Nexus Repository has become a defacto standard within DevOps toolchains worldwide and is simply the best way to continuously control binaries and build artifacts as they flow through the modern SDLC.” said Wayne Jackson, CEO of Sonatype. “We’re honored that Computing and the DevOps Excellence Award judges saw the value, and importance, in what we’ve built with Nexus Repository. This award further validates the choice that 10 million developers have made to use Nexus as their system of record for open source components, build artifacts, and release candidates.”

Supporting information:

Nexus Repository helps organizations build better, safer software – even faster – for free. It’s the only repository manager with free support for all popular formats, including Java, Docker, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, .NET, GitLFS and more.

Nexus Repository is characterized by a growing user base, powerful features and community support:

  • 10 million active users across 150,000 software development organizations
  • 115,000 repositories scanned daily for open source security vulnerabilities
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with leading DevOps tools including Jenkins, eclipse, IntelliJ, Docker, Puppet, Chef, OpenShift, Mesosphere, JIRA, Bamboo, Sonarqube, etc.
  • 44 free community-built integrations
  • 100+ free online videos providing user training and guidance
  • 50 DevOps reference architectures including Nexus

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